Wednesday, February 29, 2012


agak2.. ape fia tengah buat ape?????

tunggu fia siapkan ye...

tunggggguuuuuuuu tauuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!


Sunday, February 26, 2012

Galaxy Note Case!!!

Cube teka ape fia ngah buat ape???

jeng2.... tunggu fia siapkan yer...

heeee Musical sungguh!!!

+ RainBow Lalalalala

Siap sudey!!!!!!

Hope Customer suke... huhu

Student M.env yang order... heeeee


Saturday, February 25, 2012

Pet Grass

Wokey... ari nie kite lari ckit from craft ya..

arini fia nak story pasal

"Pet Grass"

fia dapat information from

1) Most animals, including indoor dogs and cats, instinctively eat grasses to recover from an illness or injury, or to simply maintain health. In fact, in a perfect world, almost any animal could survive on a diet of grass alone. However, in our imperfect modern world, hybridized lawns offer no nutritional value, and are usually chock-full of pesticides and other chemicals.

2) Indoor pets that don't have access to outdoor grasses may opt to eat houseplants, which are often dangerous if ingested. Fortunately, you can save your houseplants and your dog or cat by growing a tiny indoor garden of highly nutritious 100% organic Pet Grass. Selected spring wheat grass contains the highest concentration of nutrients of all grass species, and cats and dogs alike love grazing on it.


Pet Grass is full of vitamins, minerals and amino acids. The juice is reported to have many health benefits due to the high concentration of chlorophyll,Vitamins B-12, B-6, Vitamin K & Vitamin C, and beta-carotene. Our Pet Grass Kits are pesticide free and safe for all pets.


Cat, Dog, Rabbit, Hamster, Guniea Pig, Tortoise, Fish, and Bird as well


1) If you find your cat/dog eating grass, it isn't for the dietary value. Grass is mostly indigestible to cats, and also low in nutrients and nourishment. Grass is for the most part fibre and the cat's digestive system does not have the enzymes needed to break it down and absorb it..

2) However, grass can help a cat's digestive system by inducing regurgitation of undigested matter such as fur and bones remain in the cat's stomach. Eating grass often makes a cat vomit, and this brings the grass back up, now mixed with undigested matter. This is probably safer for your kitty rather than passing small sharp bones through its intestines, which might get punctured or from becoming blocked with large balls of matted fur and hair.

3) Kittens and cats continuously groom themselves so apart from swallowing bone matter such as mice and fish bones, they also collect lots of fur due to the small hooks on their tongue that helps them to remove loose fur. That’s why a cats tongue feels so rough if they ever lick you!

4) Your kitty will always eat grass if they can get to it, but if they can’t find grass, they can eat other vegetable or plant matter which may not always be good for them.


Pet Grass has been described as pet medicine and it contains high levels of vitamins and minerals so it’s a perfect natural supplement for your pet cat and will assist your feline friend with eliminating fur balls.

You can grow it yourself in your garden or grow it in pots and containers if you live in an apartment. Wherever it grows make sure it’s close by for your pets so they can eat it whenever they need to.

This health-giving grass grows in full or part sun to a height of 1ft (30 cm) and likes well drained soil water and should be fertilized on a regular basis.


Cats can be finicky. So if at first your cat does not take to the Pet Grass, try spritzing it with water. In licking the water cats will often discover the grass and realize it is a treat. If your pet does not like the Pet Grass but you would like them to benefit from its nutritional properties, try chopping it up and adding it to their food.


The growth in pet care supplies for pet kittens and cats gave us the seed to an idea to produce top quality 100% organic Pet Grass with our simple and unique Pet Grass Self Grow Kit ®

It’s a simple and proven way to be assured that you cat only receives Certified Organics Premium Grade Pet Grass, we only want what you would want for your pet, which is only the finest in pet food available today safe in the knowledge that the grass doesn’t have any weed killers or other pesticides or poisons which might be harmful to your furry friends.


Ni la upeyer Pet Grass

Ade Tanah, Benih & Tisu...

If beli 2 peket, u'all akan dapat spray sekali... heeeee

1. Tuang tanah dalam bekas
2. Masukkan Benih
3. Spray ngan air --->> jangan sampai takung air yer.. lembap2 ckit cukup
4. Tutup ngan tisu tuk kekal kelembapan
5. Kite tunggu tumbuh!!

If berminat, jenguk2 la blog & calling2 kak DearCats

Heeee Peace!!!!!

Love u'all!!!

Hasil hari ke-2... kuikui

Hasil hari ke-4, heeee

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Blog Review 2 - Nagenbutikraf

wokey malam nie fia nak skodeng blog

Tuan blog nie mesra ngan panggilan kak Yat...

op kos la secantik nama secantik kraf yer...

tak caye ke????

Jommmm layan hasil2 kraft from NagenButikraf...

seeeee, u'all boleh dapatkan starter Kit from NagenButikraf
xrugi u'all mencuba..
fia buat pun from starter kit... try la kawan2!!!

eh, kat NagenButikraft juga ade tutorial..
Mai la mencuba... heeee
Kelassss kan Nagenbutikraf neh...

Wowwww... memang cun munge2 Rose nie..
Cantek kan kawan2???

Hasil seni tangan from Nagenbutikraf memang MABELESSS!!!!

Hasil sepit rambut, apa macam??? Cantek & comel...

Heeeeeeee Wokey

Kawan2, jangan lupe singgah

Mai la sokong Crafter Malaysia!!!!

Peace u'all!!!

Love u bebeh!!!

Pillow Love - Hepy Bezday

Yeah!!! siap jugak pillow love nie..

setelah sekian lama menyepi berkreatif,

bukan ape, fia memang berehat berkraf...

Now, dah ade mood berkraf... heeeeee

Ni order by student M.env.. heee

hope suke la yer.. Maaf sgt2 lambat siap...


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

New Hammock for Bulus!!!

Heeeee New Hammock for berbulus..

Mase nak pasang, baru je pasang separuh neh.. deorang dah duk ciyum2..
pastu dah naik.. aishhhh sabo je la...
hope2 bertahan la hammocks tu..
bukan sekor je yg naik.. 2 2 ekor gendut yang naik...

heee yang DIY tau... Nak tau tak kat mane fia beli??

Op kos kat

tak rugi u'all beli kat KTAJ aka Scratch

bcoz.... u'all membeli sambil menderma!!!

come on!!!

Please help stray animals!!!

They also need "LOVE"

Monday, February 20, 2012

Blog Review 1 - Oh Cute Accessories

heeeee wokey ari ni fia nak review blog crafter~~~

serius giler.. memang cute2 kraf yang dihasilkan..

Orang teluk intan nie.. Comel je tuan blog neh...

heeee fia terpikat ngan doll2 yang dihasilkan...

Jommmmmm!!! Layan hasil2 craft Oh Cute Accessories

seeee!!!! Comel tak??? Mcm tuan blog ye gak...

aaaaa... yang mcm heroin & hero korea!!!
mula2 fia tgk dah mcm cite naughty kiss... kihkih
kn ngah kemaruk ngan Oh ha ni..
Terbaikkkk la!!!

Korang rase lapa tak???
Oh Cute Accessories pun buat kek!!!
Comel u'all!!!

Yang ni plak cupcake.... terguda tak???
Kompom tak berkulat yer... heeeeee

Sebenarnya banyak lagi yang dihasil di
~Handphone Case
~DOll cute2 miut2
~ macam2 yang cute2!!!!

Mai la singgah

Oh! please support crafter Malaysia!!!

Peace u'all!!!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

My Best FRenz!!!!

Semalam aktiviti fia di Mid Valley,
Heeeee dah tempat wajib fia.. selalu main bowling & wayang, kuikui
nak tau tak fia sampai mid pukul bape??
8.45 am tau.. sebab driver masuk keje kul 9.00 am..
fia lepaks je food junction dari gelap sampai terang food junction tu...
heeeeee tunggu puteri2 kul 11.00 am lebey...

serius lame tak jumpe deorang neh

Pija, kak pah & 'mama buyung' yana

tenkiu u'all... gossip2 cite sume kuar!
pasni ni kite jumpe lagi.. rase kalo jumpe lagi
yana dah kuar baby... heeeeee

"Frenz 4 Ever"
"Love u'aLL"

fia sempat buat "Meow Charm"
untuk mereka bertiga... heeeee

jom layan2 picture2 plak... heeeeeee

Comel tak??? Meow oren2 neh??? heeeee

Love u'all beb!!!

Frenz for ever!!!

Ade ke 'pah bedah' kat Garden?? heeee

Sweet tak kami??? heeeeee

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Prodiet MY valentine Cat Photo Contest

Step 1: Go to Facebook--->>> Search Prodiet

Step 2: Like --->> Prodiet

Step 3: go to Prodiet MY valentine Cat Photo Contest

Step 4: like Owner Rafeah Mohd Razali!!

kut2 ade rezeki tuk depa & stray cat di umah...

Come!!!! support Miki & Manje!!!!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

FaceDraw again!!!

SEee.. hasil tangan yang amat berseni
cun tak??? nampak mcm real kan??

if berminat.. boleh je buzz si kamran neh or pi kat page Fesboking & search:

sesuatu yang amat berlainan & istimewa!!!


Model Bibik lor

heeeeeeeeeeee Model tuk hairband,
sape lagi kalo tak anak buah fia yang notty neh...
kuikui Nina name glemer yer..
Rajin bermekap yer.. kalah bibik yer yang tak tau mekap..

advanced sungguh anak buah fia sorang neh...

heeee layan je la aksi si 'Nina' nie...

Time ni fia saje jual2 kat sekolah menengah kundang
kat rawang.. heeee

Comel tak???
Tapi bibik ye lagi comellll!!!! kuikui


Bunga Camelia

Camelia Hair clip

Sekali je fia buat... if ade yang berminat,
Boleh la inform kat fia di

or search je di Fesboking


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Si Pelukis terbaik!!!

Heeeeee saje je nak interprem seorang yang memang terer lukis & mabelessss..
Dia nie student m.env yang fia jage..

u'all boleh cari

----->>>> FaceDraw<<<<----

di Fesboking & bole lihat lagi hasil - hasil lukisan si kamran

Inilah hasil yer.... TERBAIK kn???
saje je nak abadikan pict jebat, miki, morin & manja
dalam frame... frame xsempat2 lagi nak beli..

yang ni plak Mini ME community

Comel tak???????????


Monday, February 13, 2012

Opss Sensot!!!

Miki & Morin togel???

sensotttttt!!!!!! auuuuwwwwww!!!!

selama 3 bulan +++ fia bela lion... xcaye ke??? tu atas lion kepala beso..
heeeee apa macam morin in new style?? cun tak??? heeeeee

sekarang Morin dah ade bulu baru yang lagi lembut je...
nanti morin cakap pakai syampoo ape??
pake syampoo rejoice je... kuikui

waaaaa.... umah fia dulu ade sekor zebra jalan2 dalam umah...
selama 3 bulan ++ membela zebra neh... kuikui
cantek kan tabby miki di kulit...


Dah ade bulu baru.. siap tumbuh tanduk setan plak tu..
Bulu miki pun makin lembut sebab bulu baru!!!
apa macam??

cun tak miki??? kuikui

2012 Malaysia HHP cat show

Penat giler... sebab seharian di cat show di south city..
dari kul 8.45 am - 9.30 pm
Huhu pagi judges xde dpt pape..
Jebat lawan di neuter Male Long Hair..
Yaaaaa ampunnn... lawan jebat semua besor2..
jebat je yg kecik.. adessssss
2 kali ganda dari jebat...
Cat show kali nie jebat tak dapat pape..
dapat free gift la ek.. xde rezeki jebat di cat show situ...

ok.. Move to miki plak..
Nasib miki pada ring 1, xdapat pape pun...
Tggu puye tggu... petang plak turn miki kat ring 2,
Pes call, Miki di cek.. pastu judges suh angkat kucing no yang di atas..

So, miki & ade la 4 ekor kucing lain stay je.. aikk.. nape miki kene stay... adesss
dup dap gak la.. pastu masuk plak kucing yg second call..

pas judges, miki pun stay lagi.. memang lame miki stay..
boleh tgk miki siap melentuk kat penjuru cage
mate terpejam.. huhu

dup dap2 lagi... pastu panggil 6 cat the best.. bagi Bunga2 roxet
aiks.. miki xde dipanggil

pastu panggil 4 the best cat plak.. kire mcm tempat 1,2,3 & 4
3 & 4 dah diumumkan..

tggl Miki ngan Cat yg muke lion tu..

last2 judges adilkan berdasarkan tepukan & pandangan
sooo.. miki dpt 2nd place kat Ring 2.
Jadi la miki kan... hang yer tabby memang tak kuar..
tabby hang de kat kulit je tak kat bulu.. kuikui

Ring 3, Miki tumpas... heeeee

heeee ni pict mase kat cat show.. maaf la yer.. xde banyak pict diambil.. heee
memang gambo tak cantek.. hahahaa

tenkiuuu so much to kak sue, lina, pakman tempe aka Abe Azri,
& kak mira wit family datang jenguk jebat & miki.. heeee

Heeeee dapat new frenz.. papa simba,Qaseh & Aleesya, papa Ah moi yg cute berbaju kurung &
jumpe lagi ngan kak Nurul.. & ramai lagi la..
Semua kucing the best!!!!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Waaa penat yer


penat sungguh ari neh.. seharian di south city..

nanti fia upload pict mase cat show ya...


Saturday, February 11, 2012

Miki yer Pillow!

Kuikui saje buat untuk Miki..
esok de cat show.. saje join untuk tambah pengalaman
& jumpe petlover disana..
Cat show di south city
seri kembangan..
dekat ngan umah!!!!!

Heeee ade la penyeri ckit kat cage miki nanti.. heee
hope miki cool esok... sebab pes time join cat show..
jebat xpe.. dah 3 kali join termasuk cat show esok neh..
jebat cool je.. hahaha

Friday, February 10, 2012


heeeee car signage for
'Suggies Lover'

apa macam.. rase nak terbang tak???
kuikui make sure kepak kene lebar la yer...

kang tak pasal jatuh ke tanah... kuikui



kenari keychain

kuikui... request from kakak kepada kak ayu
staff kat fakulti order...
nak letak nama 'MILO'
Sempena nama kuceng kesayangan..


pe lagi.. start la enjin...

Mari Menternak!!!

Hasil dari keras tangan fia jua...


heeeee fia suke buat... kadang2 design ikut suke hati
bak kate lain 'main belasah je'

janji cute!!!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Tetibe rindu kat Manager pot pet

ohhhh Morin!!!
windu yer kat kamu.... xpe sok jumpe morin....

sebab ape fia rindu morin???
sebab.. dia peneman fia mase menjahit,
pastu... tukang komen...

pastu tukang geget benang...

Morin ade sejarah tau... Morin telan Jarum...
sekali lagi.. J.A.R.U.M

terbeliak fia tgk mulut ade JARUM!!!
melintang kat tekak morin....
Trauma gilerrrrrrrrrr

Berdesup pi Vet UPM...
Bersama ngan kak sue & pakman.....

Dr. ckap nasib baik bawa cepat.. kalo tak kene surgery aiyooooooo...
serius time tu fia xde duit.. sebab baru abis bakar duit mase raye...
cek pun xclear lagi...
kat purse de 30hengget je..
Morin kene bius... pastu tekak ade luka sedikit...

boleh plak, assistant dr. tu tunjuk jarum yang morin telan...
aiyooooooo.. ngeri giler
'nak simpan jarum nie buat kenangan tak'
oh... nooooo... xnak2

kuikui seb bek kene rm30 je... pastu ade diskaun tuk staf

moral yer...
Jangan letak jarum merata-rate...

Naughty kiss - ehem2

Pasal cite ni la... hahahaa
dah seminggu layan.... kuikui lambat betul fia nak layan... hahaha
time tayang kat tb... xdpt nak feeling cite neh.. pasal ape???
sebab cenel 708 astro mcm tutttt... tetttttttttt
'no service'
hello.. cuace aman damai. kuali mu pun xde goyang2..
no service???

Last2 fia pi beli cd ciplak... aduhhhhh rm20 hengget melayang..
tapi xpe.. bukan duit fia... pakman yang belanje..hahaaha
cd tu banyak kali stuck!!!
fedepppp wokey...

Final solution, tgk je kat 'Tonton'
hahaha tu kes lain plak... password tak ingat.. hahahaaha
kene request & anto email kat admin...

akhirnya... YESS!!!!
dah boleh tengok 'Naughty Kiss'


tertinggal train betul fia neh.. hahahaha

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Handmade Hair Band untuk Alya


sebenarnya lama dah tak buat hair band neh...

paling last mase ade even kat skola kundang...


heee hair band order by kak abza

staf fakulti... nak bagi kat anak yer yang bernama 'Alya'

serius... mase buat hair band ni memang xde idea langsung...

memang ambil masa 2 @ 3 hari nak create...

soooo... ini la hasilnya.... heeeeeeee

View tuk bunga besar tuu... heeeee

view kat nama Alya... heeeee

Id card holder tuk kak emi!!!

kuikui nie id card tuk kak emi

kak emi nak music note yang comel2 & lup2 yang lover...

Gabungan 2 kaler purple & black...

so... ini la hasil yer....


erksss.. abaikan card tu.. tetibe tuka teddy bear...



kenduri Qiut.. kuikui

erkssss... abaikan pemandangan baldi tu... kuikui
jebat & manje makan dengan lahap yer...
sedapkan tunaaaaa... kuikui

tengok la, semua menghadap mangkuk masing2...
mcm dapat tuna sedebuk kat mangkuk..


tertunai gak depa nak makan wetfud... heeee dah 2 hari janji tak tertunai2...

haaaaa... arini tunaikan tuk 4 ekor neh... heeee